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Definition of Special Scars

A scar resulting from a Classical, Inverted T, J, Low Vertical, Upright T or any other cesarean incision other than the most often used Low Transverse. Also, any scar resulting from a myomectomy incision, IUD puncture, rupture or other unusual uterine scar.

Our Mission

To promote awareness and understanding of unusual cesarean and other uterine scars and to support the women who have them.

The Purpose of this Website

This website was born from the need to get more accurate information to women with these scars. This is a collection of information - articles, studies, & our own stories - regarding the possibility of VBAC after an these Special Incisions.

Who Are We?

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Executive Director - Jessica Tiderman, mom of 5, has had 2 c-sections, the last section (for her 3rd child) was an Inverted T. She was told that she would not be able to vaginally birth another child. She did a lot of research about her scar and the possibility of VBAC while she was pregnant with her 4th child. After she achieved her VBAC and knowing how little research and other information was out there, she wanted to share what she found with all of the other women with similar scars. To that end, she started the Life After Inv T yahoo group. She changed the name of the group to Special Scars in the spring of 2010 because she thought Life After Inv T sounded too limiting considering the number of women that were joining that had the other unusual incisions. All of her birth stories are on her website.  Please send her links for any other Special Scar related study that you know of. Feel free to email her if you ever have questions or just need to talk, scream, rant, cry, or whatever. :-) She gets it.

President - Rosie is a SAHM currently living in central IL. She is married to her prince charming and is known as "Mama and Mom" to five beautiful children ranging in age from 10 down to 5 mths. Her first two boys were born in the hospital via vaginal births that were augmented with pit and epi at 4 cm for "stalling". Her third son was born via emergency C-section for cord prolapse after AROM with 10 lbs of extra fluid (unexplained chronic polyhydramios) at 10 cm and 100% effaced with baby's head not engaged. It was during that surgery she received her J scar. After AROM and cord prolapse she was rushed to the OR where the OB found that baby had turned completely transverse when everything including the cord "swooshed" around and out. Incision was extended externally and internally, baby was maneuvered, and then pulled out double footling breech. Baby's little arm (they think) tore her incision on the right side a few inches up into the upper right segment of her (at the time) "paper thin" uterus as he was being pulled out. She was told she could not vbac her 4th baby 28 mths later but if she showed up pushing they wouldn't stop to section her. Rosie was not comfortable at all "showing up pushing" or simply signing up for a surgery she didn't need yet based on the fears of her OBs. Thanks to the one supportive OB she found in her area (and his midwife) and the amazing women at Special Scars she went on to vbac her 4th child, their first daughter, completely drug and med free in the hospital. As a result of completely unnecessary birth trauma she experienced at the hands of a covering OB during her hospital vbac she went on to plan a midwife attended homebirth for her 5th birth. Due to some interesting circumstances Rosie ended up giving birth to her 5th at home in her bathtub completely unassisted in the early morning hours of a beautiful winter day while her family slept. It wasn't what she planned on but she did hope and dream about things happening that way...being alone and able to birth in complete peace and privacy. Little L came quickly and smoothly. He is her little "2vbac with J scar surprise footling breech home water born baby boy" and is such a joy and blessing to the entire family! She is so thankful that every detail fell perfectly into place for her last birth to happen the way it did. She has been on quite a birth journey with her five babies. Each birth came with unique challenges, difficulties, and joys that have helped shape Rosie into the woman, mother, and natural birth/vbac advocate she is today.

Treasurer - Kelli is mom to Elliott, born on Christmas in 2012. Due to a brow presentation, her home birth turned into a cesarean, and her uterus tore down the side of her incision, leaving her with a special scar. She is planning to have a VBAC when the time comes to expand her family. She is a CPA, currently taking time off from full-time accounting work to stay at home with her son.

Secretary - Leah lives in southeastern PA with her husband and 4 boys. She is currently working on her Masters in Mental Health Counseling hoping to specialize in women's mental health. Leah has a rich birth history which includes a traditional hospital vaginal birth, an "emergency" section resulting in an inverted T, a scheduled RCS, and an out of hospital VBA2C. Leah found much inspiration and information from the Special Scars organization, which helped her make informed decisions and hopes to pass-it-on.

Membership Co-Director and Website Coordinator - Bethy is a mom to two little ones, Raz and Lola. She was planning a natural hospital birth with Raz but developed pre-eclampsia and was told she had to get a c-section right away. During the procedure she was given an inverted T. Feeling like there had to be a better way she begin her journey and decided to try for a VBAC with Lola. She went to 42 weeks and got to labor this time but still ended up with a c-section. She is now a stay at home mom with plans in the very near future to start up a homestead. She still dreams about having a future VBAC.

Marketing Director - I am Mandy, Mom to three beautiful children. I was induced with baby #1 because of preclampsia. Baby didn't descend after full dilation. After some difficulty in delivering her head in the cesarean, I ended up with an inverted-T incision, where I was told I couldn't ever have a vaginal birth. After a traumatic repeat csection, I looked into my options and found this group and discovered I had options! In October 2011, I gave birth to third baby via VBA2C after Inverted T. It was wonderful and so empowering. I seek to help empower other women as well. I keep busy being a Mom and involving myself in my passion of photography and art. I am happy to associate myself with this cause and know that this is just the beginning of Special Scars ~ Special Women!

Recorder - Bronwyn received her master's degree in population genetics, but mainly spends her time raising her own four genetic projects. She has had an array of birth experiences. Her first two children were born full term vaginally, the first with many interventions, the second with none. Her third child was born at 26 weeks via classical c-section due to placental abruption. Her fourth child was a 40 week VBAC. Bronwyn is passionate about empowering women with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.