Things to Consider Before Attempting a VBAC with a Special Scar

By Jessica Tiderman

These are the things that I went over (and over and over) with my midwives, my husband and in my own mind.  Please use this list as suggestions ONLY, you are the only one who can decide if attempting a VBAC is safe for you and your baby.  Certainly use this list as conversation starters with your care providers.  If you think of any other things that should be considered, post them below and I’ll add them to this list.  I’m sure I haven’t thought of everything.

Have you had a prior vaginal birth?

How many c-sections have you had?

How long has it been since your last c-section?

Was your last c-section the Special Scar?

If not, how long has it been since your Special Scar c-section?

If your last section was not your Special Scar, were there notes on your OP Report about your scar before they began the c-section?

How high did the vertical incision extend?

Was it a premature delivery? How many weeks gestation was your pregnancy?

What was the reason for your c-section(s)?

What positions do your babies tend to present in?

If breech, how do you and your care provider feel about a breech VBAC?

Where is your placenta in this pregnancy?

Did the OB who did your Special Scar use a single or double layer of sutures? Do you or your care provider care?

How does your current care provider feel about interventions while you are in labor? Will they induce you, will they give you pitocin (or similar) if your labor stalls?

How does your current care provider feel about you going over your due date? Have they said “You have to go into labor by X# of weeks or we will have to transfer you to an OB for a c-section.” or similar?

I don’t feel that any of these things alone would have made me think that I should just sign up for a RCS (Repeat C-Section). However, you are the only person who can decide if attempting a VBAC is a good idea for you.

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