Birth Story, Inverted T

Jacob’s Birth Story (Nicole’s VBA2C after Inverted T)

I had my son Jacob on January 28th.  The Friday and Saturday before my incision area and lower abdomen ached all day.  The baby kicked/pushed my incision area very very hard on Saturday night and it worried me about the possibility of a uterine “window”. Sunday morning I had a bit of blood on my panties and this just worried me because it was not “bloody show”.  We went to the hospital, yet I hesitated wondering if I was doing the right thing. I thought they would probably give me a c-section, as I was a week away from having my scheduled c-section.  The hospital kept me for 1 hour and told me to go home.  I was 2 cm dilated and the baby’s heartbeat was good.

That night I started having contractions.  I stayed up all night and was excited but I wondered if maybe it was false contractions.  Monday they were fairly regular and moderate in pain.  I took a nap in the afternoon and they seemed to go away.  I stopped timing the contractions and thought I was probably just in false labor.

Tuesday my contractions were farther apart but pretty intense.  Around 2pm I thought I could not take this for days on end.  My husband called and I said I thought when he got home we better go to the hospital.  I called my mom to come over to watch the children.  We left at about 6:30 or so.  We were checked into the hospital and had a room at around 7:30/8:00.  The nurse asked us lots of questions and I asked her what exactly hospital policy was for VBA2C.  She said it was allowed (the nurse on Sunday said it was contradictory).  She said it was really up to the doctor and what he/she is willing to do.  I said I wanted a VBA2C and the nurse talked to the doctor for me, who I had only seen 1 time before.  The doctor came in and verified that I knew the VBA2C carry more risks and I said I knew and that was that.  I had an epidural (I know a lot of women who can go natural but that is not my preference).  The doctor broke my water and checked on me about every hour or so.  I was moving along, the baby was lining up the way he ought to.

I could feel the baby moving along and knew when it was time to push the baby out.  The nurse had me push a few times then she got the doctor and I pushed a few more.  The doctor worked the skin around to avoid an episiotomy and the baby was out with a few more pushes.  My husband was so excited his knees were shaking before the head emerged.  The doctor put the baby on my chest while I delivered a huge placenta.  I had a small amount of tearing and needed 2 stitches.  Everything went so smoothly, the doctor, the nurse, my husband and I were all at peace, everything was calm the entire delivery.  Jacob was 7lbs 2oz and was 21 inches long.  His apgar was 8 and 9.

With someone with my background (2 c-section, 1 VBAC in middle) and 2 post term babies I did not think I would go into labor early to avoid my c-section and I did not think the doctor would allow me to VBA2C.  I did not share with the doctors that I had an inverted T.  They had access to my records but I did not tell them.  I was scared that at the hospital (same one I delivered all my children at) that a red flag might go up but it did not.

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