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“I Am Not OK” – a mother’s reflection on identifying birth trauma

  At past 40 weeks pregnant, we were anxiously and excitedly awaiting the birth of our fifth child. When my water broke, we hurried to the hospital feeling excited and ready to meet our girl. We were laughing and cracking jokes when we arrived and got to the room. This was our 5th rodeo, after… Continue reading “I Am Not OK” – a mother’s reflection on identifying birth trauma

Birth Story, Uterine Rupture

A.R’s Birth (VBAC and Rupture)

Ever since my first birth resulted in an "emergency" c-section, I knew I wanted a VBAC. Uninformed and uneducated heading into my first birth, I knew my priority was to change that for my second. I spent a full year reading birthing books, engaging with ICAN chapters, attending birth expos in my community, etc. Wish… Continue reading A.R’s Birth (VBAC and Rupture)

Birth Story, Uterine Rupture

Cora River’s Birth Story (Lisa’s VBA2C and VBAR)

Summary version: In June 2018, after many years of preparation, I had a successful vaginal birth after two cesareans and uterine rupture, which happened in 2015 with my second birth. Everyone said I couldn’t/ shouldn’t, but I did. Here’s my story... I love birth stories. And like most, this story begins with the birth of… Continue reading Cora River’s Birth Story (Lisa’s VBA2C and VBAR)

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Gabriel’s Birth Story (Bridget’s Inverted J)

It was my first pregnancy. Starting around 32 weeks, I noticed that my baby seemed to be in a side-lying, horizontal position. This is called transverse and was confirmed by my midwife and by ultrasound. So, I started doing everything I could to see if I could spin this little one. I did acupuncture with… Continue reading Gabriel’s Birth Story (Bridget’s Inverted J)

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Rylee’s Birth Story (Micah’s Classical Incision)

Rylee had a large mass connected to the right side of her head, face, neck, and shoulder. It covered her airways meaning she could not swim low amniotic fluid. At 26 weeks 3 days I went into labor (uterus measuring 42 weeks along from fluid build up).  She passed away 15 minutes after birth and… Continue reading Rylee’s Birth Story (Micah’s Classical Incision)

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Johnathan’s Birth (Andrea’s VBAC Attempt Turned Uterine Rupture)

When we found out that we were expecting another baby, emotions were all over the place. Of course, we were happy.. but at the same time we were very scared. Scared that we might not be able to care for two children. Scared that Alex might not respond well to a new baby. Scared that… Continue reading Johnathan’s Birth (Andrea’s VBAC Attempt Turned Uterine Rupture)

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Zoey’s “Birth” Story (Angela’s Inverted T CBA3C)

The story of Zoey's "birth" goes back to last summer. I was thinking about a 4th baby--I had discovered with the help of a fantastic massage therapist that surgery that I had when I was 3 days old created such tremendous scar tissue that my fully pg uterus could not be in a correct position… Continue reading Zoey’s “Birth” Story (Angela’s Inverted T CBA3C)