Connecting members of our group is one of the strongest ways we can provide support for each other. The most active way to connect is through our private Facebook group. Please note, the group is only for individuals with Special Scars. If you have a Special Scar, please feel free to join the group (please read our New Member Welcome here).

Our Facebook group is what Facebook calls ‘secret’ in order to guard the privacy of our members. To join the private group, you need to ‘friend’ one of our Membership Co-Directors so you can be added to the secret group. You can always ‘unfriend’ them later if you feel the need.

You are also welcome to email the founder, Jessica, directly if you have personal questions about your situation or if you need help deciphering your surgical report.

If you are a supporter or care giver of an individual with a Special Scar, please “Like” our Fan Page and/or join our Friends of Special Scars group.

Local VBAC Leaders

If you would like to speak to someone who is at least somewhat local to you, please feel free to contact any of these ladies. They should be able to find out what your local laws are regarding VBACs in or out of hospitals.

In the US:
Jessica Tiderman – Ohio and the US in general
Katie Perez – Texas and the US in general

In Australia:
Leonie Lamond – Ipswitch, Queensland
Ruth Messenger – Perth, Western Australia

In Canada:
Courtney Henny – Northwestern Ontario and Canada in general
Rowen Brand – British Columbia

In Holland or the Netherlands:
Maria Anna te Rielz